Women empowerment training
Selam Getnet
12 Jun 2023
5 min read
In a world where women's empowerment are crucial for sustainable development, initiatives that promote women's involvement and leadership in traditionally male-dominated fields hold immense importance.
In this blog post, we will delve into a remarkable women empowerment training program that took place in Dangla City, where agricultural experts, led by Selam getnet, created an empowering environment for women to flourish in the agricultural sector.
Dangla city
Women who participated in this training will be trained and given the resources to start their farm
Dangla City, nestled in a rural landscape, is known for its agricultural potential and the vital role it plays in the region's economy. Despite this, women's participation in agriculture has historically been limited due to socio-cultural norms.
"Yegna Farms recognized the need to challenge these barriers and embarked on a mission to empower women farmers in the region."
Yegna Farms, in collaboration with his team of agricultural experts, designed a comprehensive training program aimed at providing women with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to excel in agricultural practices.
The women empowerment training program in Dangla City, led by Selam Alemu and their team of agricultural experts, marked a significant milestone in the journey towards gender equality in the agricultural sector
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Selam Getnet
Co-Founder, Yegna Farm