Our story
Plans of our journey from the beginning to now
2023 • September
Automated Feeding Systems
Implement automated feeding systems to enhance efficiency and reduce manual labor.
2024 • March
Organic Certification
Begin the process of obtaining organic certification for our poultry products.
2025 • October
Hatchery Facility
Set up an in-house hatchery facility to improve production control and ensure a consistent supply of quality chicks.
2026 • Augest
Solar Power System
Install a solar power system to reduce reliance on conventional energy sources.
2027 • January
Export Opportunities
Explore export opportunities to neighboring countries and international markets.


Yegna Farm's poultry project empowered me as a woman. With their support, I now raise high-quality poultry, inspiring others in our community. Their commitment to quality and community upliftment is life-changing.
Birtucan, Local Farmer
Yegna Farm's poultry project raised the bar for local suppliers, empowering women and fostering community pride. It stimulates growth and improves food security. Their commitment to sustainable development is exemplary.
Yegna Farm's poultry products are fresh, tasty, and consistent. Knowing their commitment to sustainable practices and empowering women makes them my top choice. I fully support their positive impact on the community.
Selam, Consumer
Our values / vision
We Believe in Serving the Customers First.
We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of our business
We are committed to delivering superior quality in our poultry products
We prioritize responsible farming practices, resource management, and renewable energy
We foster a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, efficiency and learning.
Meet our Incredible team behind this project
Selam Getnet
"Selam is aspiring business women with experience in Real-estate and service industries. she is business owner at freshklean services.